Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kailyn Taking Isaac from Joe and Kieffer Shooting Jenelle Up!

In case you missed it, watch the Teen Mom 2 Catch Up With Dr. Drew >>HERE<<

I for one am glad that Kailyn tweeted that she had an attitude and was a brat on the special. I seriously wanted to slap her for her acting like such a child. Isaac deserves his mother being civil with his father and Vee just as much as he deserves Joe being civil with his mother and Javi. I think Joe and Kailyn have a lot of growing up to do and maturity levels need to grow. It may have been filmed a last year, but even now, Kailyn has nothing nice to say about Vee and refuses to get to know her. And Joe has yet to build some sort of relationship with Kail and Javi.

Kailyn is going off of what she has seen on the internet and I think it's pretty funny that her biggest issue with Vee was pics that got leaked of her smoking marijuana out of a gas mask and come to find out, those pictures were taken 2 years BEFORE she met Joe. The alcohol issue I can see because she seen pictures of Joe drunk and Vee drinking on a night that Joe had Isaac. That's understandable. Kailyn needs to stop with the childish game of "No, I don't want to so I don't have to". Kailyn admitted to smoking pot before she found out she was pregnant so, what separates her from Vee? The fact that Vee's pictures got leaked? She needs to have a little more trust in Joe to set Vee straight and act like a dad even when he has Vee over with Isaac.

And Jenelle, she needs to STAY AWAY from the boys. Focus on Jace and herself. Clearly between last year and now she got back with Gary Head, Kieffer, and got married to douche bag Courtland. So, she hasn't beat that addiction. And Babs is very hesitant to let Jenelle get some time with Jace which I understand but how will Jenelle ever learn and get to see what she's missing out on if Babs keeps holding back? No Jace does not need to suffer so that Jenelle can have what she wants, but she needs to experience how mommyhood is and not have so much free time to sit and think and get depressed and run for the drugs and alcohol. She may be separated from Courtland now, but she has STAY separated for 1 YEAR before they can proceed with the divorce. They separated once before and after a few weeks they were back together. So, it's gonna be a process if she is serious this time. Judging from her past it doesn't seem likely she will leave him, but maybe she will step up and prove everyone wrong.